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December 10 2017

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I just wish I could go back to 2012 and take over the series myself from S3 onwards. 

New reunion

New Garridebs moment

New forgiveness scene

Sherlock actually explaining himself

Showing the dancing lessons

Showing the gay bar scene

New knee grope scene

The audience would know damn well why Sherlock left that wedding early

They’d know damn well what Sherlock was going to say on the tarmac

Heck, I’d even still include Mary but boy would I do it differently

Molly moving on and being happy

No pointless pregnancy 

No bullshit tarmac handshake

No bullshit “surgery” excuse

No bullshit forgiveness from John “I punched a cop for Sherlock” Watson

No bullshit cheating from John “strong moral principle” Watson

No bullshit “redemption arc” for Mary or plot device death

John would actually resemble Dr. Watson from the books 

I’d redo everything but along the same general plot line, cause S3 is when it started going downhill imo. (I mean in the context of TJLC S3 was fantastic, but if all of that meant nothing it was actually kinda 👎.)

October 21 2017

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It was always only him until John Watson came by.

Now they are two against the world.

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[ johnlock meme ] ⁴/₅ sassy moments

I can’t get enough of that little purse of the lips in that last gif.







Fun Fact Time:

Oscar Wilde had a lesbian niece



Her name was Dolly Wilde. She was the daughter of Oscar Wilde’s older brother, and was born about 3 months after he died. She worked as an ambulance driver during WW1 and spent most of her free time banging rich ladies. And guys. GUYS.





They both have That Face.

I’m so, so happy I know this now.

I would like everyone to know that she went around telling everyone that she was her uncle reincarnated. OK have a good day.


Oh my God, Oscar Wilde and family had Resting Bitch Face.


Resting Wilde Face

That “I’m a gay, Irish socialist in the Victorian era” face.

‘…spent most of her free time banging rich ladies. And guys. GUYS.’ For about a minute I honestly thought the OP’s main point was that she was bi.

May 11 2017

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May 10 2017

Thoughts on Stephen Colbert’s ‘homophobic’ attack on the President

‘You’re turning into a real prick-tator… the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock-holster’.

These words and several others were fired at Donald Trump last week by Stephen Colbert, responding to Trump’s rudeness towards John Dickerson on Face The Nation. I’ll start by admitting that I wanted to like this speech more than I actually did, and I think there are various problems that caused the whole bit to fall just a little flat. But first I’ll address the two main problems critics seem to be concerned with - the crudity of the language, and the suggestion of homophobia.

Regarding crude language - this really is a non-issue. Let’s grow up. 'Cock’, 'prick’ - they’re just words. This show is on late, well past the time any self-respecting parent would allow their children to be up. The cruder words were bleeped, so we don’t have to hear them. And this is comedy - it’s intended to shock a little, to go beyond what most people would dare to say. Why waste time cringing over it?  If it’s so intolerable, it’s not hard to change the channel.

The allegation of homophobia is more concerning - though it’s hard not to suspect that at least some portion of the outrage comes more from a desire to smear Colbert than from genuine offence. I can’t claim to know how all LGBTQ people feel - we aren’t a single collective consciousness - but for what it’s worth I don’t personally know any gay men who were bothered by it. I’m a bisexual woman myself, for the record, it did not worry me. 

But getting down to the joke itself. ‘Vladimir Putin’s cock-holster’.

Well, this isn’t a gay joke. It’s an oral sex joke. Not ‘ha ha, Trump’s so gay’ (in which ‘gay’ equates to Trump being pathetic or weak) ‘but ‘ha ha, Trump sucks Putin’s dick’ (as in, Trump is in cahoots with Putin and is being used by him). Okay, so it might seem like there’s no real difference, but the latter is somewhat more complex than the former. Let’s examine both a little more closely.

To attempt to insult someone by suggesting that they are gay would certainly be a kind of homophobia - the variety that is uttered as a default insult, without much thought to the meaning or the insidious damage it does to the those of us who are LGBTQ. To insult someone by implying that they perform oral sex with a specific individual, however, is not really about gender or sexuality - it’s playing upon attitudes about a certain sex act, the gender of the protagonists being incidental. The essential point of Colbert’s remark was not to mock Trump by implying that he’s gay, but to mock and challenge the dubiousness of the political relationship Trump allegedly has with Putin by thrusting them both into specific sexual roles as a comedic metaphor - a snarky suggestion that Putin is using Trump as his puppet. It should still make sense if Putin happened to be female.

This joke is nothing new. Comedians have been using the act of fellatio as a metaphor for toadying, kowtowing, or sycophancy since time immemorial because it is associated with subservience, and it’s the subservient role that’s at the core of the Trump/Putin joke. It works on a political level, challenging Trump’s ties to Russia, and on a personal one, reducing Trump to a sex-object and stripping him of that which he rates most highly - power. I would argue that it’s not a great joke however, a) because it’s old and tired and perpetuates the outmoded notion that the act of oral sex has to place the participants in roles of domination/submission; and b) because we have updated sensibilities about sexism and homophobia which naturally arise and confuse the joke’s original intent. Similar jokes have been made in the UK about Theresa May and Trump, and it comes across as offensive because to portray May in a subservient role seems sexist. When it was Tony Blair and George W Bush back in the day, I don’t recall there being much upset. But it’s all the same old joke.

My one issue with Colbert’s retaliation was that the general tone came over as pretty basic, school-yard level humour, and I felt that something more incisive would have been more satisfying. It didn’t entirely make sense to me at first; this is the man who delivered that razor-sharp satirical criticism of Bush’s administration at the WHCD, and it seemed odd that he’d resort to infantile name-calling. However when I reminded myself what he was specifically responding to - Trump’s words to Dickerson, 'I call [your show] “De-face The Nation”,’ it became clear that Colbert was attempting to call out the childishness of Trump’s insult by addressing him on his level, in the same infantile language. Inane word puns and lewd sexual humour dealing with power and dominance is very much Trump’s repertoire, after all, and the final 'cock-holster’ remark was no doubt made not so much because Colbert found it hilarious than because it was the most likely to rankle with the target of his tirade. I’m not sure how many viewers were smart enough to recognise this - obviously, I wasn’t, and it may be that this attempt to ape Trump’s style was too subtle, making Colbert seem like a comedian who’s intelligence and comedic instincts had suffered a temporary nose-dive, rather than an emulation of the President. I suspect it is this that has gotten so many people confused.

Well, some jokes misfire or fail to resonate with as broad an audience as they intend to reach. That’s life. But since this has sadly resulted in the quality of Stephen Colbert’s character coming into question, I think it’s important at this point to remind ourselves what kind of human being he has consistently shown himself to be. No-one can know for sure how he really feels at the end of the day, but when you read through all the interviews he’s given over the years, it’s not too hard to gauge where he stands, and when it comes to homosexuality he has in my opinion shown himself to be supportive, curious, sympathetic and keen to empathize. People will believe what they want to believe, and I am no exception, but I think it’s fair to reference a fairly telling story Colbert revealed as part of the 'It Gets Better’ campaign.

In the story he described a period in his younger life in which the boys at his school in South Carolina persistently called him ‘queer’ - not, he suspected later, because they believed him to be gay, but because they actually regarded it as the worst insult they could think of. He admitted that he didn’t like being called ‘queer’ and no doubt saw it as synonymous with 'loser’ or 'wimp’ or other insults levelled at him - until one day he saw a friend successfully shut them down and leave them stymied, essentially by responding ‘yeah, I’m queer. What about it?’ It seems to have left a big impression on him. For someone who was on the receiving end of that kind of shallow, meaningless homophobia, and experienced the revelation that the label ‘queer’ can be a source of pride powerful enough to stop high-school bullies in their tracks, it doesn’t seem plausible that he would even unconsciously use homosexuality as a tool to mock anybody. I thought it touching that Colbert felt moved to retaliate against the President in defence of Dickerson, a personal friend. It’s clear to me that Colbert doesn’t like bullies, and he wasn’t being one - he was standing up to one.

May 09 2017

May 06 2017

Please, keep in mind that this is the man some people are trying to target as homophobic:



It’s like they don’t even know him.

April 02 2017

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Stephen Colbert in Strangers with Candy (2005).  Roger Beekman is played by Matthew Broderick.

April 01 2017

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Stephen Colbert. Strangers with Candy. Peeking in to Geoffrey’s classroom most likely. (from PandaWhale)

Chuck and Geoffrey are going through a rough patch; this is a gaze of agonized jealousy.

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An endless list of things I obsess over // 2. Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello, and Amy Sedaris

Damn, Stephen looks gorgeous in that first shot. 

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By the end of the show Amy was really starting to get the character nearly as good as Stephen.

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Colbert getting hit in the face with a pizza

For some reason this is even funnier out of context.

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“You wanna run, but you can’t. You can’t move. It’s like he’s trapped you, like some helpless woodland creature.”

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Cheer Up Post #1949 - Stephen Colbert Edition


For the anon who could use a post featuring Stephen Colbert, here you go!

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

Want your own Cheer Up Post? Find out how. Or see the others.

Just what I needed. 

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Yes, no.

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Good to see this. Reminds me why I fell for these two in the first place. 

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