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April 02 2017

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Stephen Colbert in Strangers with Candy (2005).  Roger Beekman is played by Matthew Broderick.

April 01 2017

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Stephen Colbert. Strangers with Candy. Peeking in to Geoffrey’s classroom most likely. (from PandaWhale)

Chuck and Geoffrey are going through a rough patch; this is a gaze of agonized jealousy.

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An endless list of things I obsess over // 2. Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello, and Amy Sedaris

Damn, Stephen looks gorgeous in that first shot. 

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By the end of the show Amy was really starting to get the character nearly as good as Stephen.

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Colbert getting hit in the face with a pizza

For some reason this is even funnier out of context.

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“You wanna run, but you can’t. You can’t move. It’s like he’s trapped you, like some helpless woodland creature.”

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Cheer Up Post #1949 - Stephen Colbert Edition


For the anon who could use a post featuring Stephen Colbert, here you go!

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

Want your own Cheer Up Post? Find out how. Or see the others.

Just what I needed. 

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Yes, no.

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Good to see this. Reminds me why I fell for these two in the first place. 

March 13 2017

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I’d love it so much if he did this play for real.

March 09 2017

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The entirety of Sherlock series two with the humans removed.

Inspired by (x)

addendum: series one completed.

Favorite fanvid series by favorite person. Enjoy!

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I have this photo open in a tab in Google and just can’t seem to close it up. Every day I click over to it just to have another look. I really like how beautiful she is, how she knows how beautiful she is, but most of all it absolutely fascinates me because I can’t get over who she is.

Just curious, what does this have to do with Stephen Colbert?

This IS Stephen Colbert. :)

March 06 2017

March 05 2017

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This capture should be at least slightly difficult to place - just Sherlock in the doorway - but it’s not.  Not all all.  It’s the look in his eyes, I think:

I feel like standing up when I see this look, too.

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Mr. Rogers making a case for $20 million in funding to the Senate in 1969.

I lost it around the 4 minute mark.

Kids should feel loved. Accepted. Important. And I grew up with parents that made me feel ALL THREE.

But I still needed Mr. Rogers. Don’t we all?

Always reblog

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March 04 2017


technology related sensory memories from my childhood

  • sliding the metal cover on floppy disks
  • the slight resistance of inserting cassette and video tapes
  • ripping off the strips of holed paper off of dot matrix printer paper 
  • rolling the wheel on a disposable camera to take another photo

Sort of tech:
- Snapping little in cartridges into your school cartridge pen
- The sound of milk being delivered at 6am - the clink of glass bottles and the hum of the electric milk float vehicle
- Smell of tinten killer used to erase ink
- The sound of your Commodore 64 video game loading (from a cassette loaded into a keyboard-console

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